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Calendar of events of Gitananda Yoga Gesellschaft Deutschland e. V.

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seminar Nada Yoga

topic: Bija Mantra (click here for a short description of the seminar)

Sa, December 14th and
So, December 15th 2019
each time between 02.00 and 05.00 p.m.
contribution towards costs: 80€

Yogacharini Dr. Sangeeta, Italien und USA

please click here to read her bio
place of event:

Gitanandayoga Kutira
Behringstr. 50
12437 Berlin

registration: info@gitanandayoga.de or
Tel: 030 95 99 75 45
further planned board meetings in 2020 , each time 04.00 p.m.

Sa, January 25th

Sa, March 21st

Sa, May 16th (Annual General Meeting included)

Sa, September 26th

Sa, November 14th
 place to be announced