“You do not
have problems-
you are the problem.


The Yoga: Step-by-Step course will be offered online from October 2nd 2020 with interactive Zoom sessions every Sunday for 2 hours for the whole year; covering one lesson each week.

The link for registration is https://forms.gle/7sSYQQUuRuZCmsBg7

The course fees for the 1st Module (250 Euros) can be paid through PayPal to the yogajivana1968@gmail.com account. If you need a separate invoice then please let me know and I will send one.

We will have an international team of Associate Faculty who will mentor students and assist me in the conduct of the sessions under guidance of our beloved Ammaji.

The course will be run as 4 modules as originally devised by Swamiji and hence students will register for each module separately thus reducing any financial burden on the individual.

Students will only receive the soft copies of the lessons for that module and no hard bound copies will be sent. Additional handouts will be prepared and shared along with audio and video links as appropriate from time to time.

The time slots will be 6.30-8.30AM (Indian Time) on the first Sunday and then 4.30-6.30PM (Indian Time) on the next Sunday to enable people in different time zones to attend the LIVE sessions at least twice a month and watch the recordings on the other days.

At the end of each module participants will receive a completion certificate (Certificate of Completion of Module 1 etc) at the end of each (provided they have attended more than 50% live sessions, and submitted all Q/A refreshers for the 13 lessons in that module).

• Module I - Introductory Practices of Gitananda Yoga

• Module II - Intermediate Practices of Gitananda Yoga

• Module III - Advanced Practices of Gitananda Yoga

• Module IV - Senior Practices of Gitananda Yoga

Those who complete ALL 4 modules and submit a thesis will be eligible for the final certification (Certificate of Proficiency in Rishiculture Gitananda Yoga).

The fees will be 250 Euros per module and 100 Euros for final certification and thesis evaluation.

Recordings will be made available and soft-copies of hand-outs’ circulated by email.

With best wishes in Yoga,


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