“You do not
have problems-
you are the problem.”
Know the whole - only then do the parts make sense!

by Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani 19.09.2017

"Everyone wants to be a teacher! No one wants to be a student!" These words were uttered by Swami Vivekanada's Guru Sri Ramakrishna in the late 1880's! How much more true they are today!

Yoga teacher training courses are springing up all over! Many are as short as ten days! Some stretch out over several years, but in a very low intensity manner - one or two hours per week.

Yoga Packages are the fad as well. "Packs" of 27 Asanas as in Bikham Chowdhury's "Hot Yoga" or ten Asanas for better living or a Pranayama a day keep the doctors away.

Yoga has become a "Pill" You just "take one" and Nirvana is yours! People call on the phone and say, "My mother has cancer. Can you give me an Asana or two to help her".

Yoga has been "taken apart". Who is there to put it together again? Is a steering wheel of any use if it is detached from the rest of the car? Can we remove the "wheels" and expect them to take us where we want to go? The parts are effective only when they are used as part of a whole. Yoga is a "wholistic science". It cannot be taken apart. To imbibe the essence of Yogic wholeness takes time, effort, sincerity, fixity of purpose, dedication, intensity, devotion, love. All virtues in short supply in this "Fast Food - Chain world".

This is why I have no interest in teaching Yoga in "short courses". Such things are not without value, I concede, and are better than nothing, but they are not "my cup of tea!" I know that at least six months of "total immersion" in Yogic living is necessary to let the Yogic life style "sink into the bones and cells!" Even six months is not enough, but it is all most can manage in this age, Some of our students come back year after year to "top up" their Yogic understanding, which like "fine wine," deepens in flavour with age!

At least a six month work from 5 am to 9am daily in an intense way, some changes can be made and the "whole" of Yoga can be felt! Yoga as a way of life can be experienced. All the parts are observed in one continuous process, in a flow. The knowledge opens up so naturally from within that sometimes one feels one is "not learning anything" Does the flower feel itself blooming.

In the six months your vision of Yoga will be stretched to encompass the cosmos - Yoga is the science of cosmic living - the Yogi is a cosmic being. The great principles of Dharma Rai - the cosmic law - will be seen as a wholistic structure in which every sing brick carries a portion of the weight of existence and is totally necessary for the stability of the whole. Every thought word and deed is inter connected. There is "no picking and choosing".

This all-encompassing vision is absolutely necessary if one is to "Live Yoga"! Once this "Wholeness" is grasped and understood, then all the parts fall into place. Then one knows "how to use the parts".

Yogic Sadhaks are like automobile mechanics. First they take the car apart to understand how it works, and understand how all the parts relate to each other. But then, they must put it back together so they can actually use the vehicle properly!

We study our Yogic science part by part, moment by moment, day by day. Then we put it all together, jump into the driver's seat and roar off into the sunrise! We do not invent the car! But, we learn what it is, how it works, how to care for it and maintain it, and then how to use it!

This is Sadhana! This is the "concentrated search for Sat (Truth) This is the work which will begin for the 49th year on October 2nd 2017!

Get on your mark! Get set! Go! (and stop not till the goal is reached).

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